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And Suddenly..SALAD. [Home Workout #2]

July 18, 2015 | Comment

Happy Saturday! *dances the weekend dance* ;)

This week ended up going by much quicker than I anticipated. I kept myself busy with several doctors appointments, and lots of cooking! Tuesday was my appointment with my transplant doctor, and he lifted two more of my restrictions – I don’t have to wear a mask and gloves anymore in public and I can have salads/raw fruits/veggies!! SWEET FREEDOM!!  On Wednesday, I did a total of three miles – running the 1st and 3rd miles! I followed that up with some core work. I also had my first salad in almost 5 months!! 


I had to go with chicken caesar salad, since I’ve been craving it for so long! I love the deep green color of the kale, spinach, and chard mix. Instead of using a heavy, cream-based caesar dressing, I used Cardini’s Light Caesar vinaigrette..It’s delicious! During my grocery shopping adventures, I stumbled upon this gem..spoiler alert – it’s fantastic!! 


Thursday morning I had an interview, and later on, I had a salad with peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, chicken, avocado, and cranberries..and homemade croutons with sprouted grain bread! I’ll post the recipe for those next week :)

IMG_9267       IMG_9269 2


Friday, I spent some time with family for brunch, but didn’t feel well for the rest of the day so I just rested on the couch. I hate when I feel like that, because there’s always things I could be getting done, but my body holds me back. I just have to keep reminding myself – it’s a marathon, not a sprint!

 As promised, here is Home Workout #2! 



How do you stay motivated with your fitness routine? If you would like any tutorials for these workouts or have any questions, contact me at :)

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