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January 21, 2015 | Comment

Happy belated new year, all! I hope 2015 has been good to you so far. Prior to my last update, the frequency of my posts had been dwindling. I love blogging – so much. I love cooking healthy meals and experimenting with recipes and trying new workouts. But I’m also still in school, and working every night during the week and saturday mornings. At my job at Liven Up Health and Fitness, my responsibilities stem beyond just front desk staff. I’ve been taking part in a lot of the company’s blogging, and helping to increase their social media presence. 

It’s become a little bit difficult for me to manage both my blog as well as Liven Up’s, while contributing interesting, original content to both, but that’s difficult while I’m working a lot and managing schoolwork. I want to ensure that I do my best in school, with a courseload of 12 credits this semester. Long story short, I will officially be taking an indefinite hiatus from blogging at I will still post on Instagram and Twitter occasionally though! 

Thank you for your support through the past 2 years! I’ll be back soon enough. :)

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