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Caution: Work Zone Ahead! [Weekend Recap]

September 1, 2014 | Comment

Happy Monday everybody!! Hope you all are having a great, relaxing holiday weekend. I don’t have anything particularly interesting to say today, except that I finally made the leap of hosting my site with BlueHost. In doing that, I have to re-do my entire page, etc. so I may end up giving R2YOB a complete makeover!! Needless to say, much of my weekend was spent learning about HTML and CSS and WP and all these weird terms for things that I still don’t understand! Gahhhhh.

I did, however, have a lovely Sunday dinner with my neighbors! They were about to get red of three perfectly ripe and mushy bananas, so I said no way!! I took them home and made Paleo Banana Coffee Cake from PaleOMG. It was DELISH! :) I had my coffee cake with berries and a homemade chocolate macaroon.

photo 1-1 photo 2-1


I’m super sorry for not having anything interesting to share with you folks! I promise I will get things up and running ASAP! Have a great labor day!!

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