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Day 3 Food Recap: I’m SO Full!

August 18, 2016 | Comment

Morning ya’ll! When people first hear the stipulations of this purification program, especially not having meat for the first 10 days, the next words out of their mouth are, “What can you even eat!?” The answer is EVERYTHING! Well, everything that grows from the ground or a tree that is ;) By the end of the day, I almost don’t want to have my third shake because I feel satiated! But I have it anyway, I just make it a smaller one because I know my body still needs the protein.

Anyhow, here’s what I ate yesterday:
First things first, I don’t think my produce basket has ever been so full!!

Breakfast consisted of a kale & kiwi smoothie with ginger. I’m not usually a ginger person, so I only added a little. I ended up having to add 1/2 a banana because the kale taste was a bit strong for me!


Gotta get those supplements in!^^

After physical therapy, I made some green chimi sauce for my lunch and for dipping veggies in!

I started off with an apple and homemade sunbutter. I was still cooking at this point, and I was still hungry, so I had another apple..the ones you buy in a bag are so tiny!

Lunch….ohhh lunch. It was SO good. I had quinoa with a black bean and avocado salad with chimi sauce! Definitely will be making this one again!

This is the shake I made to take to work with me – blueberries, bananas, peaches, kale, and flax. I also snacked on some sunflower seeds and unsweetened raisins at work.

I didn’t feel like I was starving after work, so I just had sweet potato with butter and onions and some broccoli – trying to save room for my last shake of the day!

My favorite night time shake has become strawberry, banana, and peach – but I forgot to get more strawberries! So I just had a small banana & peach smoothie with whey pro & flax. I went to bed full and satisfied!

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